Hiking the Asulkan Trail in Glacier National Park, BC

Glacier National Park sounds familiar? Yes! We’ve been to Glacier in Montana (read about it here) and despite the fact that the park is sitting astride the US and Canadian border, the Canadian part of the park is called Waterton Lakes National Park. Hopefully we can go soon but that’s not the place I’ll be talking about today. Nested in the heart of BC, between Yoho and the Okanagan Valley, Glacier National Park is right on the Trans-Canada highway. The park is open year round and you can either ski or hike the numerous trails around the park.

We picked a hike called the Asulkan trail, known for its beautiful views over glaciers, mounts and wildlife. We didn’t see a lot of animals (except a couple marmots) but it was a paradise for waterfall and mountain lovers!

Before I show you a few pictures of the hike, let me show you where we slept the night before. One of my favourite spots to this day, just because of the amazing sound of the water and that crazy pretty sunset.

The hike is a long rewarding day hike, described as 13.5kms roundtrip but we did push further all the way to a little cabin at the top, which made for a total of 16kms. The end of the trail is very steep, the incline is huge and it’s almost like a goat trail. I didn’t enjoy the end as much as the beginning just because there wasn’t a lot of shade and the trail was hard. But the first 7kms in are really great and worthwhile. Honestly, the cabin is just as cute and if you can push to the end, walk a little bit over the snow with the right shoes, it’s a sight to see!

The first 2 kms are in the woods, and then you come out to the crazy view pictured above. For the next 2kms, you’ll follow the river upstream. After a while, the landscapes will start to change slowly : more rocky, more snow…

The last 2kms are just rough.. lots of boulders, loose rocks and no shade at all, until the little cabin (picture 4) at the top (that I didn’t reach..only Bobby did).

On the way down, we just enjoyed the views and spent some time with a very curious and confident marmot !

16kms under a very heavy sun, it was hard.. I deeply enjoyed the hike, the scenery, the trail itself and I totally recommend it. You’ll have to cross a few bridges and go through a bit of mud as well so just be prepared for that (we were there July, 27th). Also, pack your mosquito repellent because they were killers in the very first/last hour of the hike in the woods.

Planning to do this hike? Let us know, we’d be happy to help you plan or answer your questions!


Coco, Bobby, Nola and Vanito!

COPYRIGHT: All pictures belong to Fanny Cohen Sanchez, @fannychn on Instagram, Three Times Nine 2021.

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