Hi guys! Thanks so much for joining me on my journey. Let me introduce myself and give you a little bit of context about Three Times Nine.

My name is Fanny Cohen Sanchez, aka “Coco”. I was born and raised in France, close to Paris and in a loving family. I moved to the United States in 2014 in order to study in Louisiana. This is where I met the love of my life : Francisco aka “Bobby”, my fabulous Mexican-Canadian hubby. This guy and I did the whole long distance relationship thing for 4.5 years. I lived in New York, Paris and Barcelona while he stayed in Louisiana and then moved to Kentucky.

As difficult as it can be, the situation allowed us to meet each other in beautiful places every time we saw each other. Our various trips included places like Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, France, Belgium, the UK… and all over the United States. That’s basically when our love for traveling really expanded.

But after a little time, it got old (very old) and we decided to get married and end the long distance. We got married in Mexico in October 2018 during a very intimate and beautiful ceremony…

October 2018 has marked the beginning of a new journey for both of us as we decided I would move to Louisville in January 2019, where Bobby currently works. And I did move the 23rd of January to Louisville under an H4 visa. For those who are not familiar with American visas, the H4 is a spouse visa that prevents me from having any professional activity…

The move was obviously a challenge, I could not really think of myself as a non-working 27 year-old especially holding a Business Marketing Master and loving my previous jobs. But after a good amount of thoughts, I just think it’s an amazing opportunity to focus on me and what I want out of life.

On this blog, I will try to stay busy and share with ya’ll 2 things that I love the most : our travels and the cooking that helps us stay healthy everyday. My past jobs have always been in food or travel related industries. I am a huge nerd when it comes to organising trips – I will literally plan everything until the last detail and that includes food ! I will try to share my tips, my reviews and my experiences with you in the most natural and honest way.

All this with the help of my cute Canon D750 DSLR Camera so all the pictures here are mine except when otherwise stated.

I think, only 1 question remains… why Three Times Nine ? Well, because I had just turned 27 when I started this blog. That year was quite a turn in my life. Newly married, launching the blog, traveling and cooking like never before… I hope you’ll like it.

Now fast forward to 2020, I need to update this section a little bit. Not working was indeed a challenge and throughout the first half of 2019, Bobby also discovered that his company was not ready to take him to the next step because of his immigration status. Being Mexican under Trump’s administration is honestly no fun and we got really tired of not feeling able to have any future in the country. So, in July 2019, we made the decision of investing in a cargo van and taking on the project of converting it into a camper.

In September we finally bought our little Vanito (that’s how we call it now) and started converting it into our “home on wheels”. The goal was to make it a home, quit Bobby’s job, and say goodbye to the USA during one last huge roadtrip. As you will see on the blog, the conversion of the van went fantastically well (check out the final product here). And we were ready to leave on March 27th but, just like everybody else, our plans got compromised when COVID hit globally. We waited out a couple months in an airbnb and finally left on our journey on June 1st, 2020. Since then we’ve been on the roads and you can see what we’ve been up to in this category

EDIT 2022 : Hello I love doing edits here ! Wow look at me I’m 30 now, I work online and we live in Mazatlan, Mexico. Our Vanito has been sold to a lovely couple of friends who live in Texas. He’s gonna have lots of adventures in the US in the next years. We’re on our side getting into a way more stable mood. And that’s great. A home, a car, our dog and 2 steady jobs. What more can we ask?

Love, Coco

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