Our first stopover : Missouri

Monday 1st of June was our first day on the road as full time travelers! Bye bye Bobby’s job. Bye bye responsibilities, bye bye showers and bathrooms galore. Hello filthiness and amazing adventures!

As you might understand from Mark Twain National Forest being 6 hours away from Louisville : we were ready to get out of our region for good. Not that we don’t love Kentucky, but we were eager to see something new and officially mark the start of our new life.

So we drove 6 hours, went through KY, IL, IN and MO. We arrived in a very secluded spot on the edge of Mark Twain National Forest (Latitude : 38.826796 – Longitude : -92.0810927) . We filled our solar shower with water from our tanks, put it in the sun and waited for it to warm up. We took a good shower, cooked a nice hot meal, watched a show we had downloaded in advance on Netflix and waited for sunset. Our pup Nola was off-leash as we were as alone as can be. She had so much fun running around and exploring. Probably feeling just as free as us.

And sunset came. And sunset did not disappoint. Shades of orange, pink and purple over the plains.

I can’t say I slept well that night. Mostly, because of the excitement. Also, the darkness, noises and other tribulations. The first few nights in the van have been tough for me but I can officially say that I’ve been sleeping great now that I am used to it :). When we woke up, we watched the sunrise slowly coming upon us. We prepared a hearty breakfast and took the road to reach St Louis.

In St Louis, we spent some time exploring and reading about Gateway Arch, the world’s tallest Arch and a place full of history, on the west of our dear Mississipi River. In the actual context (Covid and BLM Movement protests), we didn’t stay too long in the city but it was a wonderful stop.

Stay tuned for our next stopover in Kansas!


Coco, Bobby, Nola and Vanito!

COPYRIGHT: All pictures belong to Fanny Cohen Sanchez, @fannychn on Instagram, Three Times Nine 2021.

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6 responses to “Our first stopover : Missouri”

  1. Hello Bobby and Coco, it’s Barb and Marc Schirato,  Bobby, please introduce us to Coco.  We  read your posts and since you’re heading west, there is a museum on highway 80 in Nebraska, called The Archway in Kearney.  It spans the highway, we’ve enjoyed it a few times. If you’re into trains, there is also a railroad museum in Nebraska called The Golden Spike Tower,  near North Platte, pretty cool.    We’ll be following along, stay safe, enjoy it all and have fun!! So many wonderful places.

    With fondness always, ~Barb & Marc

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    • Hi Barb and Marc, so happy to have you following along! Welcome here and we can’t wait to share more of our adventures. Thanks so much for the recommendations. We are currently in Colorado and heading to Nebraska next. We’ll see what’s open then because museums have been closed unfortunately with Covid!
      Take care and thanks again for your kind words,


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