Vancouver Island photos serie : Port Renfrew and around

I was telling you about this road on the Vancouver Island itinerary article. Here come the pictures !

The first stop we made on the road between Victoria and Port Renfrew (South West part of the Island) was a short hike in Sooke. We took the East Sooke Coast Trail for 5 kms, along turquoise waters, rugged cliffs and beautiful beaches.

The second stop we did was a beach I could not avoid : French Beach. In addition to offering fabulous views of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Olympic Mountains, the 1,600-metre beach at this park is an ideal location for exploring and whale watching. The magnificent Gray whales pass by this park in the spring as they migrate to northern feeding grounds, and return again in the fall.

Our final stop on the southern coast of the island was Port Renfrew. This is the place where forest, river and sea meet at the end of the West Coast Road (highway 14). Nowhere to go from here except East back towards Nanaimo :).

Once we left Port Renfrew, we took took the central road towards Cowichan. We stopped to observe the elk in silence.

On this road, a tree fell on the car passing us by. Seems like a regular occurence on this type of lightly trafficked road in the middle of the rainforest. Of course, no one had network but it seems like Canadians are always prepared. In the matter of 45 minutes, 3 guys had prepped their trucks, chains, axes and other tools to make sure the tree was off the road and the debris weren’t preventing anyone from moving forward.

After a few more kms, we reached beautiful Fairy Lake. Not only is the lake splendid and peaceful but it also has a tiny beautiful bonsai tree that grew on a tree trunk in the water. It’s quite the sight to see. One of the most unique things I’ve seen.

Lizard lake was our last stop before Cowichan Lake. Another peaceful place. Both Fairy and Lizard Lakes have campgrounds right next to the lake and they seem like they are always full in the summer.

This part of the island is magnificent really, it’s very peaceful, very humid but it’s definitely a less touristy road. A road less traveled is always a good idea to me. We could see Canadians in their favourite summer spots, swimming in the lakes even under the rain because they just love taking advantage of nature during the warmest months of the year…



COPYRIGHT: All pictures belong to Fanny Cohen Sanchez, @fannychn on Instagram, Three Times Nine 2021.

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9 responses to “Vancouver Island photos serie : Port Renfrew and around”

  1. Beautiful area. Thanks for sharing the photos. I think you would enjoy the Olympic Peninsula. There is the port city on Bainbridge Island, then you drive by the sunny town, Sequim, filled with lavender fields, you can drive NW to the tip of the Island, south and then west from Forks (where the Twilight movies were made) out to the Indian owned area La Push, north of there is Rialto Beach, and various beach hikes near La Push, south from Forks to the Olympic Rain Forest….all and all, a very beautiful area.

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