Our last days in the US (for now) : Idaho and Washington

As you learnt from my last article here or on instagram, I’m writing those blog posts from Canada. We have quarantined in Calgary for 14 days before we started exploring West Canada. Pretty exciting! We wanted to cross the border through Vancouver because I had an appointment at the French Consulate to redo my passport there. But the only place where we could actually quarantine properly was Calgary with our Aunt Susie and our uncle Barry. So basically we went through Washington and Vancouver for nothing… but no regrets because the little bit of Washington + Canada we saw on the way was so beautiful. I am now so happy to go back and properly explore. In the meantime, huge thanks to Barry and Sue for taking good care of us in Calgary!

So, we left the US for a few reasons :

  • 1 – I have to redo my passport and no consulate would do it in the US in June and July
  • We had 60 days to leave the country after Bobby quit his job – we didn’t want to overstay :). He quit end of may so it sounded safe to leave before the end of July.
  • The pandemic was kind of getting out of control in some places of the US and we just wanted to stay super safe.
  • We see it’s gonna be hard following our initial plan (of going to Mexico or to France next to settle) so Canada seems like the perfect next step for us. Bobby is a citizen and he’s gonna look for a job here for the year to come and we might settle down for a bit 🙂 we shall see !

Anyway, now that you know why we crossed the border, where/when we did it and why we’re currently spamming you with all the articles I wrote during quarantine… let’s dig into our final days in the US. We left Montana on July 7th in the morning. After a couple hours on the road, we stopped in 2 beautiful places in Idaho : Wallace and Coeur d’Alene. Wallace is just so typical, on the edge of being a ghost town but extremely mystical and beautiful. And Coeur d’Alene had been recommended by Katelon, one of my favourite blog readers here! And how pretty is this area.. The landscapes are idyllic, the emerald tons of the lake and the pretty houses on the shore make it a small paradise.

This is an area we will be back to (including Washington, Oregon and California) when/if we come back to the US to sell the van after all this! I just would love to hike around the lake and get more pictures from different standpoints.

We then reached Spokane Valley for a wine tasting we had planned that afternoon at Arbor Crest Wine Cellar. It was just the 2 of us overlooking Spokane, trying out 8 different red wines and munching through all kinds of cheeses, olives, hummus and charcuterie. The sun was hitting hard, the breeze was a bit chilly, the flowers surrounding us smelled fantastic..in a nutshell, it was the perfect romantic date. Long time we hadn’t done that and I just loved it. The place itself is so beautiful and if you’re looking to get married in the area, I would 100% recommend this place. Also, fantastic service (nice people), social distancing and masks!

After a visit to the vinyard, we drove though Spokane itself. Only stopping for St John’s Cathedral and the finch Arboretum – 2 charming places in Spokane.

We spent the night in Fishlake, WA in a wild spot at the end of a dirt road. We took in the sun and rested for a heavy day of driving on July 8th.

July 8th came, and we drove 6 hours through Washington State, seeing Mount Rainier and Seattle from far. We crossed the border in the afternoon. It took us a couple of hours to do the paperwork for the dog, the van and myself.

And that is literally how we said goodbye to America for now! It’s a definitely a bittersweet feeling because we don’t exactly know when we’re gonna be able to go back and visit the States we have on our bucket list (in particular Washington/Oregon/Cali/Utah) but we’re also so so happy for what is ahead of us. So as usual, we’re going where the wind takes us and following what feels right but we’ll definitely be back <3. We have been in Canada since July 8th and our quarantine was over on July 23rd. I have now had my appointment in Vancouver at the end of the month of July to drop my passport and I can’t wait to take you on that journey on the blog! Lots of surprises to come.


Coco, Bobby, Nola & Vanito!

COPYRIGHT: All pictures belong to Fanny Cohen Sanchez, @fannychn on Instagram, Three Times Nine 2021.

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5 responses to “Our last days in the US (for now) : Idaho and Washington”

  1. Thanks for the shout out. I haven’t checked out Wallace…seems I should check it out before leaving the area. I spent time in Spokane Valley but didn’t go to that winery. Looks like a beautiful place. I haven’t been to Finch arboretum in Spokane either but walked around Manito park several times and it is very beautiful also. It is south of I-90.

    Glad you got safely into Canada. Did you get your passport figured out? My spiritual work partner lives in Calgary. Since you are in that area, please check out Lake Louise and Banff. I remember that fondly from a childhood vacation. And I’ve read that the road between Banff and Jasper is amazing. I watched a you tube video of it.

    I follow a blog https://monkeystale.ca. They are world travelers and extreme hikers/campers. Recently they have been posting several posts about their days long extreme hikes in the Banff, Jasper and beyond area. They also mention some camping areas that you can also access from the road, so worth checking out. Enjoy!

    And…..please know that this Covid stream isn’t going to last forever. In our work we are working daily to shut down this dark timeline, expose all the lies and that will open up the world once again. Follow your heart! And safe travels!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Let me know what you think of Wallace if/when you go :). I thought it was really cute.
      We did go to Banff and Lake Louise on the way back down to drop my passport. Happy to be done with the passport thing and just waiting for it to come back from France now 🙂 ! It’s so so beautiful up there, I have to say I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Moraine Lake.. I kinda hope I can go back in winter to see it with less tourists too!
      We are gonna do Jasper on the way back from exploring the Western part of Canada. We are currently in Prince Rupert.. as close as we were ever gonna get to Alaska this year I guess ;). I’ll definitely check out Monkeystale thanks so much for the tip 🥰 !!
      Take good care

      Liked by 1 person

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