Last stopover but not least : Texas

I’ve been to Texas a couple times before : in Dallas and in Austin. I loved both especially Austin, which had such a friendly and open vibe. This time around, we were not trying to explore the whole state, which is just roughly the same size as my home country France. But we did want to take a real break there and actually sightsee. We slept in Amarillo that night, our last stop before Albuquerque. And even if the day was sunny and more than hot, it just made sense to spend a few hours in Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

This place was mind blowing and it was mostly due to the vibrant colours we witnessed during our short hike down on sunflower trail. Palo Duro Canyon was formed by millions of years of water erosion by the Prairie Dog Town Fork of the Red River and the West Texas wind. Its elevation at the rim is 3,500 feet above sea level. It is often claimed that Palo Duro Canyon is the second largest canyon in the United States after Grand Canyon. We picked an easy trail and the only one described as “shaded” because we were scared Nola would not be comfortable in full sun. the hike was so pleasant and varied. We only saw 1 other couple the whole time we were there, which definitely made the experience even more special.

Due tu COVID, the State Park requires reservation before coming in ($8 per person). Camping is also possible but with limited availability.

After our night in Amarillo, we stopped at Cadillac Ranch, a very well-known Route 66 spot. This art installation was installed in 1974 and consists of 10 Cadillacs burried nose-first in the ground. The cars have been damaged with times and people are now spray painting freely on them. I love that it evolves with History and that when we were there, we saw a BLM tag on it <3.

Stay tuned for our New Mexico adventures next!


Coco, Bobby, Nola and Vanito!

COPYRIGHT: All pictures belong to Fanny Cohen Sanchez, @fannychn on Instagram, Three Times Nine 2021.

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10 responses to “Last stopover but not least : Texas”

  1. Looks like a great trip. Was the hike steep? The land looks a lot like that in Southern Utah. I was looking at a map one day and it looks like it would take days to cross Texas. What a huge state.


    • Hi Katelon ! Hope you are well :). The hike was not steep at all, it was very very chill actually. And I do agree it looks so much like Utah, which I can’t way to go explore too. Texas is so so huge but it’s true that Route 66 through Amarillo might be the smallest road out there.
      By the way we went through Coeur d’Alene and how pretty ! Thanks for the recommendation, we really loved it even if it didn’t stay long at all on our way to Spokane.


  2. You might have already left the area, but in case you haven’t or are back that way, Liberty Lake, between CDA and Spokane Valley has a great campground and sweet hike through riparian areas and then along a creek. The North Cascade highway is a must do, as it travels along views of amazing turquoise water and other mountain and forest views. The Olympic peninsula has the Hoh Rain Forest and the beautiful rocky coast line at La Push and the beach north of there. Across the Columbia heading south along the coast is historic Astoria.

    The coast line along Oregon is also beautiful and very rocky. Heading into No. CA, north of Eureka are sweet towns of Arcata and McKinleyville. Arcata has a great town square and a lovely forest within the city. Then heading south you go through the amazing Redwood Forest.

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