Vanbuild weekend #16 : Table, flooring and bed shelves

It’s starting to smell like the end of the project ! Last week, we tackled our last big project, which was installing the floor and figuring out how to make the table we wanted. I am happy to say we finished this and more.

I. Table : Best and cheapest van table

It’s been hard for us to figure out how to make the perfect table – aka a table that could swivel and take in and out however we wanted. We thought about buying one of those swivels that you pay $190 for but it seemed too expensive for what it was. And finally, I asked @Wildbonde on Instagram what his secret was and he kindly sent me the video he used to create his table.

So for anyone looking for the perfect removable swivel table for their campervan, just check out this youtube video. It’s super easy and we ended up paying $45 to create it + $10 for the wood panel itself.

As for the wood, we did the same as for our butcher block. We bought a $10 edge-glued panel board at Lowe’s, cut it to size, stained and epoxied it.

II. Flooring : why we went for laminate?

Laminate is so cheap and so easy to install. It made no doubt in our minds that it’s what we wanted for our van. I think the finish is much nicer and looks closer to wood as linoleum. It’s water resistant, which is very important in a van. And finally it’s not as heavy as a regular wooden floor. We bought 2 boxes of PERGO Barnwood laminate for a price of $45 each box. So for a total of $90 we have now a very beautiful and water resistant flooring. The big advantage of laminate is it is very easy to cut to shape and to assemble.

III. Shelving under the bed

Nothing to declare here. Just a couple shelves we made and 3 baskets we bought. No big deal and we re-used cuts from wood we used throughout the build to save as much money as possible. Just a quick picture 🙂

Now what do we have left? Well the only big project we need to finish is the layout of our garage. With the cold temperatures and the dreary weather, we have not been able to install our battery, which means we have not installed our inverter nor connected our solar panels. This is a step we will take once we get back from our vacation to France at the end of February. Once this is done, we can close our bed (install bed slats) and box off our wheels. We will then rearrange the garage to have designated areas for our extra water tanks, our gas tanks, our solar shower, and whatever we decide to store there.

Other than that big chunk of work in the back, we are now entering the soothing and satisfying step of DECORATING and finishings! Small to say we are super happy and should be done by the time we head to France. That will include a wooden frame for our radio (the plastic one we have was broken when we bought the van), UV/insulating curtains between the back and the cab, adding a few stoppers for things not to fall off shelves, creating more shelves around the kitchen for our spices etc. So… on to the little things!


Bobby and Coco

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