Exploring Tequila, Jalisco

Tequila is only one hour away from Guadalajara, Jalisco – the second biggest city in Mexico. If you are planning to spend a little bit of time in the area, I really recommend you spend a full day in Tequila. Not only is it a colourful and lively city but it’s also home to incredibly large fields of blue agave : the plant responsible for all your crazy tequila nights! Tequila was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006 for the beauty of the landscape surrounding the town as well as the culture you can discover there.

1. Tequila as a town : Awaken your senses

As you put your first foot in the small streets of tequila, you’ll be surrounded by colourful buildings and paved roads that will lead you to the main town square. The little shops and their brightcolored fronts are a treat for the eye. Taking a picture with the TEQUILA sign is a rite of passage on your way to the main square which hosts a cute little market where you will find all kinds of souvenirs and handcrafted products.

As you walk around, stop at a street cart to taste one of the local snacks : grilled crickets and fried fishes. I am picky when it comes to weird food and was quite frightened to try the grilled crickets but they are DELICIOUS. It’s crunchy and it tastes like heaven. I am now a huge advocate.

On our way to a very good local restaurant called Cholula la Fonda, we stopped by a little courtyard where we saw an impressive mural representing the goddess of Tequila. To talk quickly about the restaurant, I recommend you eat on the top floor which is a balcony that will give you nice views over the town. The smell of tacos and typical agave dishes will fill you with delight.

There’s a lot of music to ravish your ears in Tequila on a Sunday, including mariachis. But once you are done exploring, spend some time around the main town square and wait for a typical Danza de los Voladores : a Mesopotamian ritual that still takes place in some parts of Mexico and Guatemala.

The ritual consists of dancing and climbing of a 30-meter pole from which four of the five participants then launch themselves tied with ropes to descend to the ground. The fifth remains on top of the pole dancing and playing a flute and drum. According to one myth, the ritual was created to ask the gods to end a severe drought. 

Actually here, the 5th person did not stay at the top of the pole and played flute next to us. That would show that there are various versions of the ritual.

A small video to finish the experience of Tequila as a town before your head to the second page of the article and discover more about tequila as a drink.

The video emphasizes how much all your senses are tickled : sight, taste, smell, touch and hearing.

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9 responses to “Exploring Tequila, Jalisco”

  1. Looks like a pretty town! So somehow those men hanging by a foot are slowly lowered to the ground? How wonderful you have been able to explore several places in Mexico. I’ve only been to border towns and San Blas but the locals always seemed friendly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was very very pretty, I particularly love how colorful Mexican cities are. I definitely cannot wait to see more of Mexico as the years pass, it’s such a big country and just like you, I have found the locals to be wonderful people. Well, I married one so I guess I am not so objective haha…
      Regarding the Danza, I think what lowers them to the ground is a mix of playing with gravity and the way the ropes are tied around their ankle. But I have not fully figured it out yet!

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