So..we bought a van. Why?

We’ve been dreaming of adventures.

This year’s travels to Hawaii, Yellowstone, Florida, Mexico and France made us come to the realization that traveling is one of the only sources of pure happiness we have in life. Hiking trails, smelling flowers, watching sunrises and sunsets as well as tasting food from every corner of the world is a passion for us. It gives meaning to our lives. Hawaii and Yellowstone especially were 2 very revealing experiences about our personalities and our desires outside of the 9-5 office job / building a career / having kids spectrum. We want more (for now).

The decision of buying a van did not come overnight. It took us a few weeks to actually come to this conclusion. But we knew there were a few different changes we wanted to make :

  1. We have a deep desire to live more outside, to stop flying to places and take the time we need to see the “in-between”. We want to wake up where we left off and not have to go back and forth between hotels and where we explore.
  2. We also need a project to keep our minds busy. We are all stuck to our computers, at the office or at home. We spend hours and hours watching life pass through a screen. And to me, this needs to change because it’s not making us happy. So for the sake of mental health, we are going to focus on building that van.
  3. I am also not sure I know how to do/make a lot of things and by the time I turn 30, I would like to achieve something with my own hands; at least a few building milestones. Spoiler alert : I now know how to change a headlight on a Promaster… 😉
  4. Finding the best way to live with our newest family member : our sweet pup Nola. Flying and traveling with a dog is both complicated and expensive. And we were not ready to give up either traveling or having our dog with us. So driving around North America sounds like a great solution to that problem.

Last July, we started doing some research (a lot of research!) and as usual, it didn’t take us too long to see that vanlife might be a suitable option for us. Not only would we have a way to explore the American continent without boundaries but it would also force us to make the renovation ourselves, keeping us very busy in the long winter months here in Louisville.

So beginning of September 2019, we took that leap of faith and spent a good amount of our savings into buying a 2014 Ram Promaster, 159″ WB, High Roof. We have now slowly started our conversion (I’ll share more about that very soon) and I can say it is a mental and physical challenge for both of us who had never done anything like this before. Bobby is way more handy than I am but converting a car into a camper is new for both of us. But to this day, I can say we love it and I can’t wait to take you on this journey with us.

I’ll keep the blog updated on each and every milestone we hit. Positive or negative. Fighting as a team or doing it seamlessly. I’ll share with you our mistakes and how we fix them. But I’ll also make sure to talk about our successes and progress. The conversion process should take a few months. We set our deadline to March 2020 to be completely done so that leaves us 6 full months to make things right!

Once our home on wheels is finished, I’ll try to take you along our adventures of full-time travellers through the US west coast, Alaska and Canada. The blog will still be the same : full of travel tips, photography articles and healthy recipes – this whole adventure should not change the DNA of

Are you interested? Is there special topics you would really like to hear about ? Let me know in the comments and I hope you’ll follow along.

Love, Coco and Bobby

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4 responses to “So..we bought a van. Why?”

  1. Is your husband going to quit his job? Keep in mind that most campgrounds and RV parks are pricey and add up quickly. A friend told me there are numerous you tube videos posted by people who have built a community around this lifestyle.

    They posts videos of land/places they’ve found to park free, facilities available, how to add solar, how to do conversions..on and on.


    • Hello Katelon!
      No, he won’t quit just yet. We will see how that goes, we are still far from the date and he is trying to be able to work remotely.
      Yes! there are even apps like ioverlander that give you free camp spots. We’ve made a lot of research and we are planning a budget for the conversion as well as the travels once the van is done.
      The videos on YouTube are our bible right now haha. People post incredibly helpful things online. Thank God for blogs 🙏🏻


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