Sweet potato gnocchi and zucchinis

I wrote that article back in March and never really found the time to post it. Here it comes today in all its glory 🙂

By now you have probably gathered that I LOVE TRADER JOE’S. That place inspires me when it comes to cooking. They have a wide range of seasonal products and an out-of-the-ordinary selection of condiments, baked goods, sauces etc. This is where I found the sweet potato gnocchi I will share with you today.

This meal is just perfect for cold nights because it’s warm and tasty. The preparation takes less than 10 minutes total and it’s almost perfectly healthy ;). The gnocchi and the zucchinis themselves are very lean and fully plant-base. However the butter and sage sauce (that comes with the gnocchi) gives you enough fat to make it through winter haha.

Look at this orange goodness

Prep time : 3 minutes to cut the zucchinis – cooking time : 8 minutes

Ingredients for 2:

  • 4 baby zucchinis
  • 1 pack of sweet potato gnocchi (Trader Joe’s)
  • salt, pepper, garlic powder

Recipe :

  • Slice the zucchinis thin
  • Place them in a medium-high heat skillet with salt, pepper and garlic powder
  • In another skillet, place your frozen sweet potato gnocchi in one layer and add 3 tbsp water
  • Cook the zucchinis and the gnocchi 4 minutes on each side
  • Plate and enjoy while hot !

I told you it was easy… and I swear to God, the butter/sage sauce makes it so creamy and delicious. It’s my new comfort food !

Have you tried them before? Do you stick to the package recipe or do you change it a little ?

Love, Coco

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