Carrot-based bolognese

This recipe is the weirdest but it came out so wonderful. I was definitely inspired by pasta bolognese from Italy, but I used very asian ingredients such as carrots, rice noodles, onion… I won’t make a long paragraph on how I started this because the truth is, I had to cook with whatever I had on hand. However, I truly believe this recipe stands on its own and is extremely unique and original.

Also the pictures do not do it justice 🤷‍♀️

Rice noodles, topped with a bolognese salsa made out of carrots

Prep and cooking time : 45 min to 1 hour

Ingredients : serves 4 people

  • 1 lbs (450g) minced beef, organic, grass-fed and 85-15% fat
  • 6 colourful large carrots
  • 1 cup (150g) organic cherry tomatoes
  • 1 tbsp onion powder
  • Salt, pepper, olive oil, oregano
  • 2 tbsp cream cheese (or other cheese)
  • Rice noodles

Recipe :

The sauce :

  • Clean, peel and cut your carrots in chunks
  • Keep 1/3 of 1 yellow, 1 orange and 1 purple carrot and cut them in small pieces
  • Keep the pieces for later, you will use them as you cook the meat
  • Boil your carrots and cherry tomatoes until soft (15-20min)
  • NB : Your tomatoes will be ready before the carrots so add them after the carrots or juste before they are done cooking
  • Drain your carrots and tomatoes
  • In a blender, mix them well until it makes a paste
  • Put aside

The meat :

  • In a pan, on medium-high heat, cook your minced beef with the small carrot pieces
  • Once the beef is cooked and brown, lower the heat
  • Add your carrot/tomato sauce and incorporate to the beef
  • Add salt, pepper, oregano and onion powder to taste
  • I then added 2 tbsp of cream cheese to make it creamier. NB : You could choose to add parmigiano a little later too!
  • Let the mix simmer for a few minutes while your rice noodles cook
  • Serve on top of your noodles

The rice noodles :

  • Put some water to boil
  • Cook your rice noodles in boiling water for 4-5 min
  • Drain and serve on a plate
For dinner or for lunch

This recipe is one of those “let me get everything we have in the pantry and fridge and whip something up” kind of dish. I was really unsure of myself while making it and was not confident it would come out good but it’s DELICIOUS. I could not find a decent carrot-based bolognese recipe online and did not have enough tomatoes to make it work. So here it is!

Please reach out to me if you have already done a carrot-base bolognese sauce. I’d love to know how you did it. I mostly saw “white bolognese” recipes online that sounded delicious but I didn’t have the right ingredients to try it out. Here, the dominance of the carrots in the dish is not too strong. It comes out so creamy and tasty!

Love, Coco

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